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UAB „Starna“ was established in October, 1998. We have started our activity as a distributors and representatives in Lithuania of Swedish producer by that time of adhesives  - AB „National Starch&Chemical“. Now we can offer to our customer not only
  • Adhesives to the different production branches, but also
  • Barrier, laminated and other different films for food industry
  • We produce Salmon trays for food industry or bakery (Gold/SIlver, etc.)
  • Gluing and packaging equipments and their spare parts
  • Various packaging machines for industry 
  • We are the agent and distributor for The Beck Liner™ frozen food blocks
  • WeLoc ® - plastic closures for flexible packagings
  • We also provide such services as: slitting reels out of paper, laminated films, etc to various smaller reel widths; 
  • Starting 2008-08-01 we have implemented in our company and we are working according to the Good Manufacture Practice (GMP)
We are the members of Lithuanian Packaging Asociation.
Our main suppliers:

About us:
1.Wholesale of various adhesive (Sweden, Germany, Hungary,etc):
Labelling and packaging industry
Cigarette production
• Bookbinding industry
Car production filters, paper bags , etc
NEW: patented low-temperature glue ULTRA COOL MELT more
NEW: PERMABOND adhesive for various parts assembly. more
2.Wholesale of different films, produced by WIPAK,  Klöckner Pentaplast, Flextrus,  AB FLEXIBLE AMCOR EUROPE, OCTAL, FATRA, Innovia films, COEXPAN MONTONATE, DUPONT, etc  barrier and non-barrier  films, laminates for the food industry.
3. Official distributor of NORDSON company, which produce various spare parts for gluing systems, powder coating and other equipment. Rent of the gluing equipment. more
4. Representative of ECONOCORP packaging equipment manufacturer (USA) in Baltic countries.
5. We are distributors of AUDION ELECTRO (Netherlands) various packaging sealing equipments in Lithuania.
6.We are official distributors of  WELOC ® clips, closures. more

7. We are the agent and sole distributor for The Beck Liner™ frozen food blocks

8.Wholesale of paperboard trays coated with PET (CC pack) for food industry (for readymade dishes), more:

We produce:
Cardboard Trays for the food industry : different sizes with rounded corners(Salmon trays) or according to the desired cutting shapes. Material used -  Gold / Silver, Silver / Silver, Black / Black, Gold / Black or white cardboard, PET coated cardboard tray from certified and complying with very strict  requirements and EU regulations for the food industry . All products are manufactured in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations
We work in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which was implemented since 2008-08-01
Slitting rolls of the films or paper  from mother reels to smaller widths.


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