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2020 03 15

As from16 March 2020, mandatory rules will be introduced for drivers who bring or leave goods from our company.

To help control the spread of corona virus in our country, please follow rules below.

The rules will be posted at all visible unloading / loading locations.

Drivers with fever or cold cannot be sent on trips.

For those who do not follow the instructions  will result in a call to the police

Let us be responsible and protect each other.

Most important - to KEEP SAFE DISTANCE (not less than 2-3 meters). WAIT under the red line, marked "LAUKTI ČIA"





Merry Christmas and a Happy New year 2019

JSC Starna is celebrating 20th anniversary of company  foundation. 


2018 02 18


JSC "Starna" celebrates 100 year of restored Lithuania Independence



2017 12 31

2017 02 08

JSC "Starna" contributes to the circular waste sorting system and company sorts waste responsibly.

Thanks to "Žaliasis Taškas" , who offered us the waste sorting bins.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2017 Year!

KAUNAS Daycare "VAIKYSTĖ" Kids Art works

The Project  -  "CHRISTMAS TREE TOY'S DECORATION" was carried out together with JSC "STARNA"



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